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Internet Links

Here are some helpful Websites . . . 


American Towns - Costa Mesa

Check out the event calendar for goings on in Costa Mesa. School, government, entertainment, shopping and more can be found on this site.

Public Broadcasting System

This is the internet site for public television.

The Weather Channel

This site provides weather local, national, and international weather forecasts.

Retail Sites

One of the largest internet retailers.

Retirement Planning


Creating a financial plan, estate planning, financial advisers, insurance, investing and saving, retirement income . . . and more.

Employee Benefits Security Administration

An information source for private retirement and health plans.

Fidelity Investments

Use this website to help determine when retirement is affordable and how to allocate investments based on age, assets, and other individual information.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

The Federal agency that insures companies' traditional pensions.

Pension Rights Center

A nonprofit advocacy group protecting and promoting pension rights.

National Retiree Legislative Network

Supports the benefits and pensions of retirees.

Smart Money

Use this website to help determine when retirement is affordable and how to allocate investments based on age, assets, and other individual information.

Vanguard Group

Use this website to help determine when retirement is affordable and how to allocate investments based on age, assets, and other individual information.


GuideStar - A Guide to Charitable Groups

Get non-profit data the way you want it. If you care about nonprofits and the work they do, then you're affected by what GuideStar does-even if this is your first visit to You see, we gather and publicize information about nonprofit organizations. Our reach is far and wide. Our database is broad and deep.


U.S. Treasury Service

One of the most frequently visited sites in America. The Internal Revenue Service has more than you would ever want to know regarding taxes.

The Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration web site. This is a great place to request earnings reports or to ask questions about Social Security.

The White House

This is the web site of the President of the United States. Want to hear, first hand, what the President is saying? Or want a tour of the White House? This is the place.

THOMAS Legislative – Library of Congress

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, legislative information from the Library of Congress.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Programs and services to help you start, grow, and succeed.


Links to Websites

Interactive maps provide Google links to the websites of each facility.

You are able to filter facilities based on who accepts pets, memory care, residential care homes, or assisted living facilities.

Senior Living

As you know elderly care and senior living industry is always in demand and always changing as our country grows. I have been blogging about these topics for quite awhile now and recently just compiled a list of the best 100 sites that covers everything related to assisted living, aging issues, caring for our senior citizens. Baby Boomers are retiring left and right and the need for these topics will continue to rise.


One Travel

all in one!

Rick Steves Europe

For 30 years Rick Steves has taught smart European travel. This website - like his guidebooks, TV series and radio program - is dedicated to exactly that. We hope the information here helps turn your travel dreams into smooth, affordable reality.


Looking for travel ideas? This is the popular Fodors' travel guide company web site.

Mapquest provides maps to and from desired destinations. The service also tells you the distance (in miles) and anticipated travel time. The service is free.


Travelocity helps book tickets for travel plans, including airlines and hotels.

Reverse Auction Sites

This internet site specializes in getting you low cost travel tickets, rental cars and cruises. You submit a bid, and the supplier (i.e. airlines) accepts or rejects it. It can be a great way to get lower cost airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and cruises.

This reverse auction site allow you to tell many companies what you want and they will bid to get your business.


Alta Vista

Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine


Search Engine

Northern Lights Search Engine

We have found this search engine to be fairly good compared to Yahoo.

Zip Codes

Search by address, city, or county. Or, Search by Zip Code.

Area Codes

All Area Codes is your resource for looking up information about area codes and phone numbers in the white pages.